Welcome to the website of Southern California Health Center and Dr. Zubin Dah, your Irvine Chiropractor & Sports Medicine Doctor and Licensed Acupuncturist. Southern California Health Center is an Irvine chiropractic, sports medicine and acupuncture clinic which is located in Irvine California. This 92606 chiropractor, sports medicine doctor and acupuncturist will get you out of pain as fast as possible. Dr.Dah strives to get patients pain-free in a fraction of the time of many other chiropractors in Irvine, Newport Beach and surrounding areas with no long-term commitment or high frequency visit treatment plans. Our chiropractic and acupuncture center in Irvine focuses on chiropractic, physiotherapy and acupuncture to relieve acute or chronic back and neck pain, as well as sports related injuries and auto injuries. We truly look forward to helping you while diminishing any injuries or pain you may have. Again, thank you for visiting

Sincerely yours in health,
Dr. Zubin Dah, D.C., L.A.C., B.S.
Board Certified Chiropractor & Licensed Acupuncturist

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When choosing a chiropractor in Irvine it is important to understand the way in which they will treat your condition. We strive to get patients out of pain using the latest technology with no long-term commitment and no high frequency visit prepay plans


The American Medical Association recommends chiropractic care first, before drugs or surgery, for mild to moderate back pain. Many studies have been conducted on chiropractic to show the effectiveness and minimal side-effects when compared to drugs and surgery.


Acupuncture is a healing art that has been used for centuries. It is based on the premise that Qi (pronounced che) is flowing through your body all the time though specific pathways called meridians and channels.


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I went there because I hyperextended my wrist while sleeping and it was hurting for 3 weeks . The problem was getting aggregated by daily typing, weight lifting and scrolling on social media I've had Accupuncture treatment in the past it's my preferred choice over physical therapy and chiropractic treatments, not that I don't like them but Accupuncture has helped me more when I had an injury! The Accupuncture doctor I went to only sees patients on Tuesdays and alternate Sunday's. I needed quick relief and was desperate to get it! I found S.C. Health Center on Groupon. The receptionist was so sweet and she squeezed me in during lunch. I anticipated 2-3 treatments to get my wrist to feeling better but I had just one treatment and my wrist is almost as good as new Dr Zubin Dah is awesome!! I highly recommend him
Sherine B Costa Mesa, CA
Dr. Dah is super amazing! I visited based on a referral from a friend after I was rear ended. Dr. Dah explained exactly why I was in pain using a cool computer program and explained exactly what he was going to do, how he was going to do it, and why it was beneficial prior to starting work on me. His office hours are very convenient for working individuals and he's always ready to listen when he's with you and put your mind at ease. He was confident he could help me and he absolutely did! His assistant is also very friendly and down to earth and totally helpful and understanding while working with my insurance. I have already recommended Dr. Dah to several friends who have not found relief elsewhere! Thanks Dr. Dah!
L F. Irvine, CA

I went to see Dr Dah for my first alignment, and was a bit nervous about it. He explained everything to me, and showed me the benefits of chiropractic medicine, and was very professional. He straightened me out, and i felt great. Will definitely be back!

Stephan M. Anaheim, CA
I've been looking for a good place to get acupuncture for an old sports injury, and a friend of mine told me to speak with Dr. Dah. After showing me the key areas he needed to work on, he explained the process and answered all my questions. Within a day of being treated I had no pain! I am totally satisfied with my results and would recommend this facility to all my friends! Thanks for the help!
Rooster O. Los Angeles, CA

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